«Pure ingredients, real effect»

Viterba Herbal Shots – from pure herbal ingredients. Plants do not only provide food for people, they have also been used for thousands of years as remedies for all kinds of ailments. This healing effect has lost none of its importance. Numerous herbal ingredients are increasingly important ingredients of many treatments that naturally relieve and prevent symptoms. Due to their gentle effect and good compatibility, medicinal plants offer a good alternative or supplement to our conventional medical treatment options.

The herbal recipes chosen in Viterba are based on the ancient knowledge of Tibetan medicine, which aims to achieve the inner balance of the forces in the body. The formulations consist of a variety of natural products, which support each other in their effect and cancel out possible undesirable effects. The balancing of the body is therefore possible on several levels.

Herbal ingredients from Switzerland

Medicinal herbs from Switzerland, wild and also cultivated raw materials form the basis of the selected formulations. Due to their high content of active ingredients immediate effects can be achieved. In addition, Viterba products contain no artificial additives which unnecessarily burden the body.