«Bioavailability, preservation, density of active ingredients»

Herbs, as well as Alpine herbs, contain more than 10 times the nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and important trace elements for the body. The fermentation of the herbs not only makes them considerably more durable, it also significantly increases the content of vital substances, «increases» their absorption capacity in the body and increases their so-called bioavailability.

The cells, tissues and organs of the body undergo a series of complex biochemical processes. The body needs a constant supply of substances to ensure that it covers its energy needs. In order to achieve this, a sufficient availability of substances – bioavailability – is necessary. This means in plain language that nutrients and minerals such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes and trace elements must be absorbed by the organism and made available to the system. As already mentioned, this bioavailability is significantly increased by fermentation.

In addition, the microorganisms used for the fermentation and contained in the Viterba Herbal Shots colonise the intestine positively and provide it with energy, which in turn passes this on to other organs such as the liver, kidney, gall bladder, etc.


Fermentation: das Viterba Konzept

Swiss Alpine herbs

Fermentation: Viterba Mikroorganismen

Billions of microorganisms

Fermentation: Viterba Fermentierung

Fermentation process

Fermentation: Viterba Kräuterrezeptur

Unique Viterba herbal formula

The Viterba concept is inspired by nature and combines ancient knowledge with the latest technology.
- Dr. Überall

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